It is so hard to maintain a nutritious and nurturing relationship with food. Many of us are moving a mile a minute, with empty calories being thrown at us at every turn. From coffee shops that only serve pastries to last weeks donuts at your office coffee station (#thanksbutnothanks). Did you not wake up early enough to make yourself a proper lunch so you find yourself eating Teriyaki again? Or worse- one of those dry muffin sausage egg things from the gas station. Trust me, I have been there! And I cook for a living! 

Our meal delivery program is intended to help you maintain your busy schedule and tend to your nutritional needs and your natural desire to eat things that are delicious! (We can't all have smoothies all the time!) We want to eat real meals! Have you ever noticed how you end up eating more when you eat out, because nothing is quite what you are looking for? Are you trying to sit down and eat with your family, but there aren't enough hours in the day to cook and sit at the table together. Does your daughter loathe anything vegetable? Do you resolve to cook more at home, buy $100.00 of groceries, and then let everything go bad? We are here to help. 

Getting started:

We are a highly customized program, and our pricing depends on your needs and the scale to which you use our services. We do not want to be your run of the mill meal delivery plan, there are plenty of options for this already!! We are a tailored program-a cross between a personal chef and meal delivery. We want to build relationships with our clients based on preferences and to constantly improve and tweak our menus to better suit you. Fill out our contact form, so that we can schedule an appointment gather all the necessary information!

Wherever possible we use Organic, Grassfed, Local, In Season, and Wild. Hidden in your sauces and soups you will find properly made bone broths left to simmer for upwards of 10 hours, in your dressings there will always be virgin oils, fresh squeezed juices, and live vinegars. While you perhaps cannot see the difference, we feel that you will taste and FEEL the difference.  

Breakfast options range from $6-10.

Lunches range from $8-14

Dinners range from $16-25

*prices reduce the more meals that you order.

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Pleas list each family member with their specific restrictions, PLEASE CLARIFY RESTRICTIONS FROM ALLERGIES!!!
(ex. Weight loss, More veggies, More family meal)