Poffertjes. It seems that nobody, not a soul on this side of the Atlantic, can pronounce this word. Not even Miri’s mother, who lived in Europe for 20 years and speaks six languages, can say it. 

Poffertjes. Mini Dutch Pancakes. They are made in a special cast iron griddle, with little divots, each with its own pool of butter ready to greet the bubbling yeasted batter. In Holland they are traditionally slathered in butter and powdered sugar and served in the cold winter months in the streets of Amsterdam, Den Haage, and Delft.

Miri discovered these unique pancakes on a recent trip to Holland to visit her sisters. With a particular love for all things cast iron, she became enamored with the huge griddles filled with hot buttery batter that lined the streets of Rotterdam. She immediately pictured them as a magnificent vehicle for fresh seasonal ingredients of all kinds. 

Miri’s Poffertjes is a celebration of these traditional Dutch buckwheat pancakes and the bounty of our northwest ingredients. We live in one of the most naturally abundant food regions in the world. Berries! Morel Mushrooms! Chinook Salmon! Huckleberries! Quince! The list goes on and on. Miri’s Poffertjes is a reverent bow to our “Land of Plenty.” Miri and her business partner Gabe are excited to share their passion with Seattle and its surroundings at street fairs, music festivals, farmers markets, and private catering events. 

We serve up our Mini Dutch Pancakes at an array of Farmers Markets and Music Festivals throughout the year, and are always looking to add more events to our calendar. If you are interested in booking us for your festival, please fill out the contact form, or visit us at the Capitol Hill Farmers Markets on Sunday 11am-3pm. 

Sample Poffertjes Menu From Previous Events

The Classic

Washington Butter, Powdered Sugar

The Sweet

Organic Seasonal Fruit, Fresh Whip

The Preserve

Preserved fruit, butter, powdered sugar

The Breakfast

Olsen Farm Pork Belly, Farm Egg, Organic Greens and Sherry Vinaigrette

The Savory

Loki Fish Co. lox, Miners Lettuce, Shaved Root Vegetable, Creme Fraiche, Za'atar

The Europe

Melted Raclette Cheese, Cornichon Pickle, Boiled Egg and Boiled Potato

*Gluten Free Poffertjes are always available, menu is always subject to change